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Product - Overview

DRAGON Software Products from Goldin-Rudahl Systems

DRAGON/ips Remote Sensing Image Processing Software is available in various configurations to fit your needs.

DRAGON Professional Edition
Dragon Professional Edition is the newest version of Dragon. It includes all the capabilities of the Dragon Academic Edition (see below) and adds capabilities to meet the needs of more advanced research projects. Added capabilities include processing of full-scene image data sets (up to 32,000 by 32,000 rows and columns), supported by a completely revised model for user interaction with the images. It also includes the Programmer's Toolkit.

Professional Edition Release 6.2 for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000 is available for immediate shipment. A free evaluation copy can be downloaded.

OpenDragon is (almost) the same software as the Dragon Academic Edition version 5.10, with registered users in 79 countries (as of February 2011). Visit for details.

DRAGON Programmer's Toolkit
The Dragon Programmer's Toolkit provides data structure definitions, object code libraries, documentation, and sample source code to help Dragon users implement their own image processing algorithms for integration with Dragon, or create their own data format conversion software. The Toolkit requires a supported C compiler as well as a moderate knowledge of C language programming.

Teaching Packs for DRAGON
The Teaching Packs represent a modular image processing curriculum specifically designed for use with Dragon. Each Teaching Pack includes digital imagery on CDROM or floppy disks, background information and maps, worksheets, instructor's notes, and step-by-step instructions for hands-on image processing exercises. The full curriculum covers a wide range of remote sensing topics and includes imagery from eight different sensors.

In addition to our off-the-shelf Dragon packages, we are also able to create OEM packages. An OEM package is created specifically to meet the needs of a particular customer. It combines our core Dragon Engine image processing software with a user interface and a specific combination of image processing capabilities tailored to the customer's needs. Unlike the Academic Edition, it is not limited to Windows NT/XP/7. The Dragon Engine runs on all Windows versions and Linux, and is portable to any major operating system or to a moderate-to-large embedded system.

Obviously, an OEM version is significantly more expensive initially than an off-the shelf version. It is only appropriate when there is a need for a large number of copies, or when there are very special requirements. However, development is made significantly faster and less expensive than new software because it is built on the Dragon Engine rather than requiring new image processing software development.

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