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Last updated: 31 May 2012

Version 6.2 released, including

  • Greatly improved handling of 16-bit data sets such as digital elevation data
  • New Turkish and improved Chinese (Traditional) translations

Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2011

We presented several papers about our latest research in Taipei, Taiwan.

New Translation into Chinese (Traditional)

The latest version of Dragon Professional includes a new translation into Traditional Chinese. It also includes a fix to a problem in unsupervised clustering.

Updated Translation

The latest version of Dragon Professional includes major updates for the Russian, Spanish, and Thai versions. This includes a fix to a problem with Spanish character encoding which made the preliminary version difficult to read.

Kindle eBook version of textbook

The textbook is now available in an eBook form for the Kindle reader. To order either the Kindle or the print version, click here.

Because the Kindle does not support color displays, we have created a package of the color illustrations from the book. That package can be downloads from here.

Spanish Language Support

Dragon Professional now has a Spanish language translation. A preliminary version is available now; the final version with all improvements by the translator will probably be available in a few weeks.

Dragon Professional Evaluation

An evaluation version of Dragon Professional is now available for free download.

Dragon Professional 6.1

The latest release of Dragon Professional features image processing up to 32,000 x 32,000; improved GeoTIFF import; integrated shapefile import; improved and faster image registration; and a new integrated GeoTIFF and shapefile export capability. All problems with Windows 7 have been resolved.

New Textbook features Dragon

Although Dragon has always been very easy to learn and use, we have received numerous requests to provide more teaching material. There is now a textbook available, called Learning Remote Sensing Using Dragon/ips and OpenDragon which fills that role. You might also want to look at our new Books page.

Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 21 September 2010

Come meet with us as ACRS in Hanoi in November! We look forward to meeting you. We will not have an exhibit booth, so if you want to meet, please send us email.

Windows 7 21 September 2010

The current release of Dragon is not completely compatible with Window 7. A new release with Windows 7 support will be available by the end of September (2010).

Evaluation Version 21 September 2010

Previously, an evaluation version of Dragon Academic Edition was available for download on this website. However, it was not compatible with Windows 7. Now that OpenDragon, which is functionally the same as Dragon Academic Edition, is available free, we have discontinued the old evaluation version.
We are working on an evaluation version for Dragon Professional, which will probably be available later this year.

DRAGON Professional

Dragon Professional Version 6 is now available. We have reduced the prices for both the Professional and Academic editions. Please visit the purchase page to view current prices.

Windows Vista (TM)

Beginning with Version 5.10.4, Dragon has now been made compatible with the current version of Windows Vista.

Support for OpenDragon

Unfortunately, OpenDragon no longer has any donor support, and new development of the project is being curtailed until new support can be found. However, the software is still available. Visit for details.


Dragon Version 5.10 is available. This latest version of Dragon Academic Edition, designed for Windows 2000/XP/Vista, features a revision of the image processing operations to make the code completely platform-independent. The immediate result is faster, more robust operations. The long-term result will be Dragon for Linux and for other popular platforms. The system has a variety of enhancements, including automatic image import, raster modelling, greatly improved internationalization capabilities and increased image capacity (to 32K x 32k) in the Professional Version. The Dragon User Manual is now provided in machine-readable form, with a customized reader application that can be invoked from inside the main Dragon system.

DRAGON in Thai, Indonesian, Portugese

Dragon 5.10 includes Thai, Indonesian, and Portugese as well as the Czech, French and Russian translations added previously. The Dragon distribution kit includes all languages; it is not necessary to specify a language when you order.